Granite Kitchen Countertops in Toronto, the GTA, Oakville, Kitchen-Waterloo & Areas


Durable and beautiful.

Low maintenance, high style, affordable and environmentally friendly; engineered granite kitchen countertops deliver the elegant look of slab granite without the excessive weight or ongoing care of slab.

What is engineered granite?

Engineered granite is combined of high-quality natural granite, stone and quartz. Together, they’re mixed with an incredibly strong polymer resin which enables it to stand up to the daily rigours of heavy kitchen use.

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Granite Kitchen Countertop Samples

Granite Kitchen Countertops

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Granite Kitchen Countertops

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Granite Countertops in the Bathroom

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Discover how quartz countertops can also be used in your bathroom.

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Why choose engineered granite countertops?

Engineered granite from Granite Transformations is easy on the eyes and easy to clean with:

  • Long-term durability that can handle weight and stressed place on it
  • Resistance to wear such as scratches, stains, chemicals, heat and frost
  • Non-absorbent surface prevents liquid from being trapped inside
  • Environmentally friendly construction ensures your countertop won’t end up in a landfill

Budgeting for your granite countertops

It’s a question we hear often at Granite Transformations: How much will my kitchen renovation cost?

Refacing your countertops with our unique one-day process saves you money because we don’t demolish, tear down or rebuild.

Instead, we install your new granite countertop directly on top of your existing surface.

It’s easy. It’s convenient. And it’s very affordable.

Granite Transformations vs. slab granite.

Engineered granite kitchen countertops deliver a handful of form and functional advantages over slab granite:

Slab Granite Vs Granite Transformations

Slab Granite
Classic Beauty of Granite
Installs in about a Day
No-mess Installation
Heat Resistant
Non-staining, Non-porous
Maintenance Free

New granite countertops in just 1 day.

It takes time to choose the granite kitchen countertop you want. We get it. You won’t feel any pressure from us – we’re ready only when you are.

When it’s time to install your new countertop, we don’t need much time. Our countertops install directly above your existing countertops. A day is all we need to transform your kitchen.

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Let’s get started.

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